Transformation Through Lifetimes

A Path to Transformation for Louis

by Gayle Barklie, Certified Past Life and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist

Hawaii, USA

(originally published in The Newton Institute, "Stories of Life Between Lives" publication, May, 2017, reprinted September 2018)

I’m seeing a garden, mostly herbs, a cypress tree hanging down, spongey ground, a wedding ring pattern, ultramarine blue crystal, a well-defined, sweaty, dirty muscular male. Now, there’s black and yellow shapes in a light, and symbols etched on a stone…

This was only just the beginning of a session I conducted with Louis, an engineer who came to me wanting to understand why his life was always one big struggle.

When this tentative fifty-year-old man came to my office, he was filled with inherent skepticism and doubt. Louis acknowledged having deep-seated reservations about doing this type of work because of the strong influence of several conservative, traditional religions in his background. However, there was so much going on in his life, he also knew he needed help.

In a hypnotic state, we began by delving into his childhood, then further back into his time in his mother’s womb. Louis learned that life was a struggle right from conception, and he even had a difficult time connecting with his body in utero. Suddenly, he became aware that his parents had wanted a girl and were not at all happy that he was a boy.

From then on, life was a struggle to receive love, and he had continued that pattern right into his present day marriage. He found himself constantly asking: Why am I still here?

As we went further back in his regression session, without explanation as to what to expect, Louis spontaneously connected with past life and between lives memories. He saw and felt every detail as I would pose questions to him.

At first, images of people would come through like silhouettes, then come into focus. He would also see colors and shapes that would eventually morph into places and things.

A strong memory then emerged…

Client (C): I’m in a battle in a jungle… Somehow I got away… Deep cut on my chest. A woman with cinder-brown hair, olive complexion and green eyes finds me… She takes me to her village where the houses all have thatched roofs… She is so concerned, so caring. That’s her name: “Green Eyes”… It’s dark, I sleep… It feels safe… Other women arrive to take care of me… They nurture me back to health… I survive.

As the session continued, more details emerged from that life:

C: Green Eyes puts her hand on my chest, her other hand on her heart. She chose me. It feels amazing, like I’ve come home, but it’s not my home. I see us standing together and I’m wearing a sapphire medallion, the same ultramarine blue I saw before. It’s our wedding. I don’t know how I know this, but it’s a Mayan ceremony– the symbols I saw on the stone are Mayan.

(He then fast forwarded to the end of that life)

C: I’m an old man, dying. Everyone was so genuine and kind, taking me in so generously. There were so many lessons I was supposed to learn there, all about the importance of really learning to love. Love and friendship, peace and innocence, the four most important things. I have to open my heart!

Those last six words were key for him:

C: I have to open my heart.

As we ventured back to a previous time, I asked more questions, as we delved deeper.

C: It’s a gray day. It stinks really, really bad. Burning bodies. Everything, everyone is gray. There’s fighting everywhere, a war… in the Pacific. Everyone’s wearing camouflage clothes, eating food out of cans. Dead bodies all around me. A marine walks toward me. It’s Joe! He’s emotionally dead. I feel disgusted. I feel guilty. Why did I make it? The minute I have that thought, I get shot in the head. I’m only 20. I will never get older. I lived through the Dust Bowl and the Depression and then die in a no name spot. This is not fair! Where were the good times?

Instantly, after remembering that experience, he started seeing colors. A yellow white glow that turned into a group of souls. He was in the midst them.

C: I’m at some sort of gateway, and the leading a group of souls steps up, Vic. I’m so happy to see him and he’s just as happy to see me! He’s androgynous, old, filled with vitality and gives me a pat on the back. ‘Good job,’ he says, in reference to how well I lived that lifetime. I’m with all these other souls, and they’re all glowing. It’s like a yellow and white glowing cocktail party, welcoming and loving. I can see how all these souls are related. Even though they’re in separate groups, some have overlapping concentric circles of energy connecting them.

Between lives is the spiritual realm where the soul goes when we transition from lifetime to lifetime. It’s a ‘layover’ interval, for debriefing, planning and readying us to move into our next incarnation. This realm is about re-acquainting us with who we really are, helping us to gain wisdom and let go of the tough lessons of previous lifetimes, and re-connect with other souls we’ve shared experiences with. It’s the time we plan our choice to return with specific intentions, for the evolution of our soul.

Louis became aware that this soul group was highly advanced, and they were there to assist him. They had encouraged his return into his current life so he could evolve and build more character, going through many challenging situations.

Then in this immortal state of being, an insight comes to Louis…

C: There’s someone there who looks so familiar. Gloria is her name. Oh wow, it’s Green Eyes! She’s one of my spirit guides!

As he continued to see details, he realized he has three main guides in his life. Firstly Randy who’d been a mentor for him when he was a teenager. Secondly, a dog who taught him open- hearted playfulness and the simple things in life. Then finally, Green Eyes/Gloria, his wife from Mayan times.

Although Louis was not as advanced as the others, Gloria had brought him into this soul group because she saw value in him. Her job was to help him learn three primary lessons: “Love is the motivating factor.” Then “True oneness is the only moderating force” and finally “Love is all there is”. She chose him in the soul realm as well as in the Mayan life, to remind him about who he truly is, using a gentle push on his heart and a sacred whisper to his soul.

Then Louis understood the significance of his relationship with his son, Andrew, in this life. He saw that this fourteen year old is an advanced leader, destined to bring great spiritual awakening to the world. His role would be to bring more joy, light and understanding to many.

He realized the importance of maintaining a stable home life for this enlightened soul, to nurture him daily, teaching him that “Love is all there is”. Louis’ role is to support him in his spirituality by teaching him about the many aspects of his family’s own spirituality.

It became clear to Louis that he needed to stay with his wife for his son’s benefit. He accepted that his own happiness wasn’t important; that what was important was the raising of this special child.

However, by understanding this, Louis was able to stop resisting the lessons he was supposed to learn with his wife. By obtaining this spiritual understanding, he achieved the peace and ease in his relationship that he so desperately craved. The healing from this insight alone, was deep, powerful and life changing.

What occurs between lives is held in our deepest subconscious memories. Accessing it can provide profound understanding about who we are, why we are here and lessons yet to learn. Getting in touch with the planning we undertake there — the choices we made, the instructions we were given, the wisdom we obtained — can change this life in countless and beautiful ways.

After letting go of childhood and past life traumas, along with awakening to his between life memories, issues started to gently fall away for Louis. He had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and following our session together, without changing his diet or lifestyle, his body spontaneously lost 35 pounds. He no longer needed extra weight to protect him. His blood sugar also normalized, much to the amazement of his doctor.

My client was thrilled to discover the treasure trove of information to be learned from accessing this between lives state. Things he’d sensed about his true purpose started to manifest. The lessons he was supposed to learn became a joyous adventure rather than something to avoid. Things that had occurred in this life made sense, by seeing the bigger picture. His consciousness awakened as to why he had chosen this existence.

Louis felt relieved, empowered, and in touch with the wisdom of the ages just by accessing his authentic between lives memories.

This inner journey was even more significant since his traditional religious background wasn’t supportive of doing this type of work. Remarkably however, he found that this exploration only enhanced an already strong commitment to his faith in a deeper, more tangible way.

After these between life memories appeared, Louis’s logical mind needed a bit of validation. I discussed the documented scientific evidence proving what he’d gotten in touch with, which helped him trust it even more. Unlike traditional religious notions about heaven and hell, or the “rest period” concept, Louis’s spontaneous personal experience allowed him to know, and live, his own truth.

What an honor it was for me to help Louis, to not only get in touch with his life lessons but to have such a powerful life changing experience. ♥

(Louis is a pseudonym and some details have been changed to protect the privacy of this client)

What Can Happen From Remembering Past Lives?

Although getting in touch with who you were in previous incarnations can be interesting (Spoiler Alert:  Chances are you were NOT Cleopatra!), the therapeutic value is literally life-transforming. 

Discovering past lifetimes still unknowingly impacting your consciousness can bring understanding, awareness and peace into your current life. 

Remarkably, releasing deeply-held traumatic events from other lives can help heal current life issues, bringing compassion toward yourself and others. 

Even more, you can be freed to manifest what you are here to do, your Soul Purpose in being. 

Taking time to look at, appreciate, and resolve past lives can release you from their subconscious hold and bring wholeness, connection and spiritual expansion.

Although past life regression therapy is not for everyone, if you feel ready to explore, contact Gayle Barklie to start your inner-discovery process.

Gayle is a certified hypnotherapist and received advanced training in spiritual regression at the Newton Institute of Life Between Lives. 

She will facilitate your inner journey with compassion, wisdom and true caring.