Inner Peace BOOMS Amid Noise

Sitting in a parking lot between appointments, on an important business call, a lowrider car careens in, boom box blaring.  Instant annoyance, my customary, unswerving inner peace peeved. What an insecure, attention-starved jerk, I think with righteous indignation.

Catching this out-of-character judgmentalness, I hastily adjust my irritation level. Wow, he must be such a terrified soul to be so over-the-top!  

Phew. Peace (and business call) returned, simply by shifting to compassion.

A few years ago, that scenario wouldn’t have happened. Most likely I would’ve yelled a few *expletives* out the window, maybe even flipped him off, completely justifying my actions.

Now-a-days, calm is my normal.  

How did I get here? Not by “acting-as-if” faking it, memorizing spiritual books, or suppressing those (albeit reactive) emotions.

Peacefulness arrived by practicing the inner work that I preach. Things that generated upsetting emotions, negativity or judgments became keys that unlocked awareness of my personal issues.  Disturbing situations were explored as accurate mirrored reflections of any leftover denial. My inner-discovery shovel was (and still is) always poised, ready to do deep work..

So, Mr. Boombox (loudly) exposed my own lingering insecurities, my own need for attention, dare I admit my own “jerkiness.”  He reminded of my own fears, my own over-the-top behavior -- usually neatly concealed (not always).  

Incredibly, his disruptiveness prompted memories from long-forgotten past lives where I’d done annoying things to others.   

Of course, I don’t do any of these things as noisily as Mr. B., but apparently I needed that deafening wake-up boom to really “hear” myself.

As he barreled off, I thanked him energetically for this impeccably timed encounter, this gift of self-awakening and split-second karmic clean-up opportunity.  A fleeting present of presence, gained from what could’ve been perceived as very justified irritation.

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