“7 Days to True Contentment”

In this transformative week, certified facilitators, Gayle Barklie and Jessica Steinbomer, will offer a space of Aloha "To consciously manifest life joyously in the present." - through yoga, meditation, deep personal work and time to rest into fulfillment. We will practice deepening the pathways of contentment in our minds and hearts. We will return to our roots, remember our true nature - consciously bringing forth from the inside what always and inherently exists- True Tranquility. 

Gayle Barklie is a transpersonal hypnotherapist who helps her clients remember and resolve blocking beliefs. These beliefs are formed in current, past life, and/or on a cellular mjemory level. In the regression work provided by Gayle, you can access these memories. You learn to shift, change, and transform them into wisdom-based tools for contentment. 

Gayle will be providing inner tools to move you into contentment by retrieving and releasing the sources of what’s causing inner discontentment.  What you discover will re-awaken self-empowerment so as to help clarify what your True Passion is, locate your Top Life Priorities and weed out whatever is distracting you.  

According to many testimonials, Gayle’s loving mindfulness offerings can lead to profound spiritual transformation, inner healing and True Contentment.

During this retreat, Gayle is leading three workshops:

1. Opening Pathways to Contentment, an Intensive Group Guided Hypnotherapy

2. Manifesting Contentment Through Art Therapy and Visioning Tools & Techniques, while engaging multiple senses through the Art Therapy process. 

3. Group Regression: Progression Into Contentment, During this group session we are accessing and clearing the blocks that are keeping you from your true contentment.

Gayle is available for private sessions as well during this retreat.  


Price: $3,500 USD

Date: October 13th - 20th, 2018

Location: Hui Ho'olana Conservancy and Retreat Center on the island of Molokai, Hawaii