People everywhere are beginning to awaken to their true potential.

There’s an evolution in human consciousness leading toward compassionate, peaceful coexistence where we remember who we are, why we are here and that love is everything.  

That is the Soul Purpose of life. 

Everything happening in your life, and everything that's happened in the past, has been necessary to achieve this.

What is a Spiritual Journey?

Once you start looking within, you begin to rely on internal guidance, opening the door to a personal 'Spiritual Journey' toward discovering your soul's purpose.  

Upon this inner awakening...

  • Your intuition starts speaking louder.
  • You become more aware of your thoughts and how to know where they are coming from – love or fear
  • You learn how to become more mindful in everyday life.
  • You have a greater ability to live in the present, the only place happiness truly exists. 
  • You realize that in order to give and receive love, you must first love yourself.
  • You develop a greater understanding that your body is linked to your mind, emotions and spirit and get in touch with the messages it brings. 

Once this soul-full journey starts, there’s no stopping it. 

Nor would you want to. 

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Gayle Barklie created Soul Purpose, a transpersonal* spiritual hypnotherapy practice that combines several modalities, each supporting  a client's unique therapy needs.  Her individual counselling and coaching techniques offer in-depth change of consciousness by releasing the influence of the subconscious past.  Soul Purpose is profoundly life transformative, and helps bring joy and passion back to your life! 

Hear Gayle's interview on Hawaii Public Radio!  Click here: HPR podcast

* Transpersonal psychology is simply the marriage of science and spirituality.