Marriage / Family

Being in an intimate, committed relationship can be challenging in so many ways. 

By shifting your perception of relationships, seeing them as co-teachers taking you to more self love and soul evolution, you can shift from anger and resentment to enjoying the journey together.  

The goal of marriage and relationship counselling is to become more loving toward all others by learning to love one other completely.  

With over twenty years of relationship counseling experience, Gayle knows how to help a couple feel comfortable so each can express their true feelings in a safe, equitable environment.  

Gayle has the ability to keep the focus on the bigger picture of the goals of each couple, supporting both parties to continue meeting so as to achieve their desired results.  

Gayle is a graduate of Loyola Marymount College ( and received her degree in Marriage and Family Child Counselling.  


"During my pregnancy, I didn't feel connected to my baby.  I struggled with anxiety about becoming a mother and it intensified as my pregnancy progressed.

In the third trimester, I reached out to Gayle.  

"In our sessions together, my relationship with myself and my growing baby completely transformed.  I was able to get in touch with the baby's spirit, which profoundly enhanced our connection.   He supported me in my journey through the rest of the pregnancy.  When I gave birth, I'd gained the strength and confidence to reverse roles and be the mother he needed.  

"My son and I now share a deep rooted bond in balanced support and love.  I highly recommend sitting with Gayle to explore your baby's spirit so that you can make these transformative connections. " 

- Amber from Maui, 2015