Reinventing Your Life

Are you entering a new stage of life? 

Whether you’re in the "Sandwich Generation" --  squeezed between caring for kids at home while simultaneously assisting aging parents --  or an "Empty Nester" preparing for retirement, it might feel like an overwhelming existential crisis.

Have I accomplished what I wanted to?  Is my life going in the right direction?  Am I happy?   Does my life have meaning?  What’s next for me?

Although you may not realize it, what you’re really wondering is:  Am I living my Soul’s True Purpose? 

As you observe your children excitedly determining their life’s direction, or parents completing theirs, you may find yourself looking backwards as much as forwards.  Although it’s natural to experience frustration, and perhaps even resentment, this time offers an opportunity to reinvent your life. 

What lessons can you get from observing your parent’s triumphs and struggles?  How can you reignite your own enthusiasm as you watch your children forge ahead?  Was there a time you knew what you are here for but let fear get in the way of following that path?

Answering these questions honestly can provide the impetus to look within and make some life-affirming changes. 

Gaining clarity about your true passions and trusting yourself to shift gears no matter your age or circumstance, can give rise to a shiny new second half of life.  Most importantly, resolving negative repetitious situations and sabotaging Belief Systems can free you to live fully every single moment.   

Transpersonal hypnotherapy work can help release subconscious programmed restrictions so you can discover your soul’s unique blueprint.   It can also help you find joy in any sandwich or nest you may find yourself in!


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