How Does Remembering Past Lives Impact This Life?

Before we get into the importance of remembering past lives, know that the vast majority of people on this planet believe in reincarnation.   Sadly, even with enough scientific evidence offering substantiation for even the most skeptical, the concept is still relatively novel to Western society and often scoffed at.   

Why should we be concerned with previous lifetimes?

The basic explanation is that our previous lifetimes are affecting us constantly, subconsciously and often quite dramatically.

It’s like having a pebble in a tight shoe, walking along, hoping it will stop hurting by ignoring it rather than just taking off the shoe and removing it.

Like that pebble, until we address something that’s subconsciously impacting us, we will be continuously pulled out of the moment, angry and annoyed, repeating patterns and wondering why we just can’t seem to get where we want in life, or why we arrive with a bloody blistered foot!

How do past lives affect us?

There are lots of things that happened in THIS life that you probably don’t consciously remember, especially when you were really young, even a tiny baby. 

Like when you fell out of your crib and had to be rushed to the ER.

You don’t remember it happening, yet that event is probably affecting you more than you realize.  Every time your parents tell the story about …that time you fell out of your crib and scared the life out of us… it’s like hearing something you know is true but can’t quite experience as real or feel any emotional reaction to. 

They may as well be relaying the plot from a book they read.

But, maybe you’ve noticed a few things about yourself. 

Like you've been illogically afraid of heights for as long as you remember; you never want to take risks in your career; hospitals freak you out; and you’re terrified of having a baby of your own, convinced you could never be a good parent.

You’re well aware that these fears are irrational, maybe even absurd, but nothing anyone can say or anything you say to yourself can alleviate them or convince otherwise. 

You’ve tried therapy, workshops, personal coaches, forced yourself to just do it, but nothing worked, at least not for long. 

It’s just like that with past lives. 

But add in the factor that no one is sitting around telling you stories about that time you fell off the cliff back in 1812. 

In other words, previous lifetimes affect you all the time, subconsciously influencing your choices, causing irrational fears, and making you not want to do certain things, or obsessing about things for no apparent reason.  

You're terrified about bungie jumping, would never consider living near a cliff, hate seeing movies about mountain climbing.  You wander the aisles of libraries obsessed with the history of the 1800’s. Oddly, you feel an intense attraction to men wearing cowboy hats.

In order to free yourself from the subconscious influence of the traumas experienced in past lives, or from times you did things you are less than proud of, you need to remember them. 

The process is actually quite simple:  Imagine that all of the significant events you went through in past lives got recorded on an “inner computer program.”  With the unique Soul Purpose hypnotherapy techniques, Gayle gently guides you toward discovering those subconscious recordings. 

Once you remember those events, you can understand how your mind was programmed from them, release their hold on you and even be able to perceive them in a different, more evolved way. 

Actually, it’s like hitting the delete button and watching a file you no longer need get thrown into the recycle bin.  And then emptying the recycle bin to make sure it gets permanently trashed. 

Permanently is the key word. 

This empowering inner work can allow fearful incidents from prior lives that are still affecting you be resolved.  

It can also help you understand more about who you are, why you are here and what you are meant to do.

Since we tend to repeat patterns, this process can explain why certain things have happened in this life and why certain people are in your life today. 

The best part is the profound, permanent shifts that can occur in this life.  That irritating rock you’ve been trying to ignore can finally be out of your shoe… once and for all!

Find out who you were and are.  

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