Soul Purpose Expanded Services

When I founded Soul Purpose in 1991, my commitment was to reach as many as possible with the benefits of this woke and empowering inner work.   Being limited to working with people strictly on Maui, or visiting here, attaining this goal was challenging.  So, I expanded my ideas of how therapy optimally works.

Remote Therapy:  Phone, Zoom and FaceTime work just as well as in person.  Without geographical limitations, executives who travel a lot, or those who simply aren’t in the position to meet me in person, are now able to do this invaluable work.   

Remote sessions are ideal for those living in small towns understaffed in the mental health field, often waiting months for an appointment.  People needing anonymity, professionals with unpredictable schedules, or those just wanting the convenience of not having to leave their home, can now work with me.  

Traveling Intensives:  For those not on Maui but wanting in person work, I offer another option:  Traveling Intensive Therapy Sessions. For individuals, families or small groups, I go to any location and conduct sessions either in their homes or off site.  I’ve even done these on people’s boats! We do a series of hypnotherapy regressions consisting of three to six sessions in a one or two week time span. This can be past life work, life between lives or traditional psychotherapy.

Travel With Intention:  After traveling in Europe this past year, another new project idea arrived: “Travel With Intention.”   This eco-friendly adventure to various locations has unique and somewhat lofty purposes. First, this small group of participants will create their own inner goals for the excursion, utilizing the metaphor “The Journey of Life” as their guide.  Some may want to physically push beyond a limiting fear; some may want to be immersed in a culture that’s challenging to them, etc. There will be opportunities for group support, individual therapy and spontaneous mindfulness exercises daily.

The second intention is for them to research and determine ways to give back, how they can offer benefit to the area in some way.  Whether it be bringing something to physically share, providing a program to leave behind, or coming up with something completely out of the box, this will be an exciting challenge on all levels.  Create your own small group or join one.

Vision Board Workshops:  Last, I’m offering fun, enlightening, special occasion Vision Board Workshop events.  This is a perfect something different for wedding or baby showers, engagement parties, graduation or birthday celebrations, or even a team-building experience.  Vision boarding helps clarify goals and opens pathways to manifest them. Each person leaves with their unique creation that helps maintain their focus, reprogram their subconscious mind to “possibility thinking,” and physically remind them of their commitment.  I’m open to facilitate your creative suggestions!