What is "Purposefulness?"

Webster’s Dictionary defines purpose as:  1) the reason for which something exists, is done, made, used, etc. 2) An intended or desired result, end, aim goal;  3) determination, resoluteness  4)intentionally

As we start to sense that there is something Bigger to life than just survival and the acquisition of material things, it often becomes important to start doing something Bigger or more meaningful…  living Purposefully allows us to live and die with no regrets and experience  true, enduring happiness.

Higher Consciousness Disciplines use these universal elements to describe Purposefulness:

 1) Living Purposefully means giving and receiving unconditional love fully and fearlessly, in the form it is meant to take for you.     

2) Living Purposefully means being who you really are—a powerful spiritual being living from trust, forgiveness, acceptance, connectedness, commitment, integrity and truth.   

3) Accepting and trusting others on their unique spiritual journey.

4) Doing meaningful or significant things that matter to you.    This doesn't necessarily mean lofty things, just whatever feels important to do that perhaps makes a difference in the lives of others.

5) Cleaning up and completing whatever you did that causes any guilt.

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 6) To be present, showing up fully in life.  To have a playful, joyful attitude, no longer struggling or feeling like a victim. 

We all know our Purpose upon arrival but the circumstances of life have us block it out and forget.

Life is about re-awakening to what your spirit is guiding you to do.

Allow Soul Purpose to help guide you on this journey of re-awakening.