Gayle Barklie, CCHT, PLR, LBL, MFC

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Gayle earned dual Master of Arts degrees in Marriage and Family Counseling as well as Clinical Art Therapy from Loyola Marymount University in California (

She has been in practice for over twenty years as a counselor, contemplative life journey guide and transpersonal hypnotherapist.

Gayle is a certified therapist graduate of the Newton Institute of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy ( program.   She also attended four years of classes and one-on-one personal work at the Perfect Life Awakening Program.

Additionally, Gayle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1989 from Art Center College of Design in California (, and is a practicing prolific artist specializing in mandala art.    

Gayle has been an active member of Business Network International ( since 2011.

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Gayle Barklie created and founded Soul Purpose in 2011. 

Her primary goal was to utilize her unique, eclectic, holistic work to assist in discovering why you are here.   She does this by helping transform subconscious thought processes getting in the way of remembering and expressing who you really are.     

What does that mean?

All people have a natural inclination, as well as the resources, to create health, happiness and an actualized life of purposeful fulfillment.

In other words, doing what you are meant to do here... with confidence, trust and joy.

The goal of working with Gayle is to simply clear away blockages that will allow your natural abilities to shine through, empowering you to make choices that awaken and reflect who you really are.

Your true self has gifts to bring to this world.  

Deserve to uncover them with Soul Purpose.