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Past Life Regression

Most of us aren't conscious of or maybe even accepting of the affect that past lives have on us.  However, whether we know it or not, we are being affected by past life memories and significant events. Previous lifetimes are lodged deeply in the subconscious or cellular memory.  Although we frequently get feelings and awareness of these times, we've learned to ignore or dismiss them, chalking them off as 'just imagination.'   

In order to be fully present in the moment, powerfully, purposefully living, it's important to get in touch with the messages and memories from past life experiences.  Just as unresolved traumas from this life can be affecting you even decades later, the same is true from previous lives.  

Doing Past Life Regression (PLR) work can help you take the next step toward inner freedom. Discovering who you were can reconnect you with yourself now, allowing you to experience all of who you are.  

Journeying into past lives can allow you to discover the Bigger Picture of who you are, allowing more puzzle pieces of this life's Purpose to fall into place.   PLR allows you to release old negative experiences stored subconsciously so that all aspects of your life can feel the ripple of new-found deservingness.

Gayle is a certified therapist graduate of the Newton Institute of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy (

If you feel ready to delve in, Gayle will assist you through any fears and blocks, gently guiding you along this empowering, eye-opening step along your spiritual journey.  

Past life regression sessions are typically two and a half hours in length.

"I created Perfect Life Awakening, a spiritually based, inner development, transformational center in Southern California founded in 1978.  Gayle Barklie participated in the PLA program from 1990 through 1992, and once again in 2011 for more advanced training.  By discovering more about herself and clearing out old issues brought from previous lives, she became highly adept at assisting others, which ultimately helped define her life purpose as a therapist.    Her dedicated work on herself allows a deep understanding of spiritual concepts, enabling her to commit to help her clients with clarity, patience and true compassion."  - Royce Morales