Thoughts about Rediscovering Your Purpose

Working with clients as well as being on her own Purposeful path, Gayle has discovered some Universal Truths regarding rediscovering your Purpose.  

1) Make the discovery (the uncovering) of your Purpose a priority… it is the most important thing you will ever do in your life!

 2) Concurrently, have the discovery of your Purpose be no big deal… the more expectations and demands you have about finding it, the more it will elude you.

 3) Ask!  The Universe always answers questions when they are asked with pure intent.  Remember, the answers are not always what we think they should be, or appear in the form you may expect them to arrive in.

 4) Step out of your logical mind and trust where you are led!   Be open to what your intuition and your heart tell you. 

 5) What you resist persists!  Use everything in your life to show what you need to learn to get to your Purpose.  There is nothing you are doing or have done that is not significant to the Grand Scheme of your life.    

 6) Trust the Divine Timetable… finding your Purpose cannot be rushed.  Watch for meaningful coincidences!

 7) Set an action plan, goals that in some way support your Purpose or what you sense it might be.  

 8) Clean up your life... trust whatever tugs at you that needs to be resolved in some way since that could be getting in the way of feeling deserving enough to do your Purpose.  

 9) Resolve personal issues and fears which will give you more energy to allow your Purpose to manifest. 

10) Be open to the possibility of anything being your Purpose… especially something that you feel is your weakness or what you would have a difficult time committing to.  Often your biggest strength shows up as your biggest life challenge.

 11) Focus on your commitment to what you want, not what you don’t want.     

Once you make a commitment to your Purpose, your spirit will do anything to make sure you don’t back away from it.  The Universe will support you in often miraculous ways.   

REMEMBER:   The bottom line Purpose you have is to give and receive pure, unconditional love to self and others, expressing that love in your own, unique way.  

Let Soul Purpose assist you in re-discovering the unique form your Purpose is meant to take!

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