Is Pain Our Best Teacher?

Living your Soul Purpose means doing what you intuitively feel called to do, sharing your unique gifts, and making an impact of some kind, small or large.

It doesn’t mean moving away from pain, struggle or past trauma.

Truth is, those “negative” experiences can actually be motivation to live purposefully.  How? By presenting invaluable lessons such as:  Exposing false, programmed notions about yourself; discovering subconscious repetitive patterns, offering opportunities to grow past limitations; reminding you who you really are.

Our natural, primitive survival inclination is to avoid potential pain, run from situations where we could possibly fail, protect ourselves from loss.  However, taking a Higher Consciousness retrospective view, those experiences were likely our best teachers. Sometimes swift kicks in the butt are the best way to get woke!

Changing means getting out of comfortable-yet-stuck situations.  Perhaps that dead-end job with a reliable paycheck; or a relationship you’ve evolved way past.; or a living situation that just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Your intuition knows what you’re meant to do, the gift you’re here to bring the world.  To get there means taking risks, knowing you won’t run from whatever comes from those choices; trusting your heart-felt truth.

To do what you came here to do means being entirely aligned with your soul and living from that alignment.  That might mean changing everything.  Ask yourself: How will I feel in 20 years if I don’t take this leap?  How will I feel if I do?

With your clearly envisioned Soul Purpose, things often start falling into place.  Integrating action steps to creates empowerment to support results, frequently attracting those excited about your offerings. Amazing, serendipitous, unexpected things may occur that verify you’re on the Right Path. .

Your inspired shifts can rub off and inspire shifts in others. They may be seeds that end up sprouting in the future, growing in unforeseen, surprising ways, bountiful ways..

Remember: Regrets over time lost from succumbing to fears, are tough to get over.  Get woke to yourself now.


Gayle Barklie, MFC, CHT, created Soul Purpose in 1991 to help clients transform from struggling to inspired, utilizing hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Clinical Art Therapy, Marriage and Family Counseling, Equine Therapy. or

Lessons Learned on a Spiritual and Political Path

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As you probably know, I’ve been on a spiritual path for most of my life.  One of my long time teachers, Royce Morales, founder of Perfect Life Awakening, recently wrote the following blog about being spiritual and politically active simultaneously.  I thought it worth sharing since she discusses the importance of finding your Soul Purpose.  Read on… 



Spiritually minded people won’t be too surprised to hear me say there are huge lessons to learn during this unprecedented time in history.  However, what are they?  How do we learn them?  And, do they really need to be so friggin’ dramatic?

Even those most committed to a Higher Consciousness path may find it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain their “it’s all happening for a reason” attitude during this time of political commotion.   Some are pulling further away from living in the physical world, while others debate whether their spiritual discipline is practicable at all during this challenging period.    

We all know the pigeonholed category for us spiritual types:  Passive, peaceful, pensive.  We’re myopically perceived as spouting “Everything happens for a reason,” and “It’s all good” without reading much past the headlines. 

Because of these stereotypic views, along with the standard notion insisting we must renounce worldly concerns to attain transcendence, it’s paradoxical to imagine seeing us as social or political activists.  After all, we’re supposed to just close our eyes and go within, right?

Living In The World

When I began dabbling in spirituality, I thought it a requirement to pull away from living ‘of the world,’ and focus all my energy internally.  I relinquished my ‘70’s peace marches, substituting meditation, prayer, creative visualization and positive affirmations.  It was a 360 move to trust I’d be able to manifest anything I want, attract my soul mate, lose twenty pounds, and change the world without getting off my couch or carrying a picket sign.    

All by sitting in a candlelit room in full lotus position. 

Sometimes it worked, and, just as often, it didn’t. My frustration inspired the creation of my own techniques, and soon others started arriving to learn my brand of spiritual thought.  The more I taught, the more I learned.

Soon, I began noticing that doing inner work and having transformational experiences, but not taking Real World action with the realizations, could to some degree nullify them. 

It would be like reading a cookbook, imagining the yummy taste of the food, memorizing the recipes, but never buying ingredients, cooking them into something delicious and feeding the result to your family.    

Giving it Away

Further frustration led to the discovery of another key to the focusing within equation:  It’s imperative to discover our unique, divinely bestowed Purpose and take whatever action we feel intuitively led to take with it.  Like selfishly keeping that special birthday present purchased for a friend, this gift given from our Higher Consciousness must be given away or it becomes a guilt-ridden burden.   

Living Purposefully doesn’t mean having to do lofty or grand things, like discovering the cure for cancer or saving whales.  It can be as simple as lovingly, joyfully, consciously, gratefully living day-to-day life, doing whatever job put in front of us from a selfless desire to assist others.   

However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Higher Consciousness Beings are supposed to be venturing out in the world, lovingly, largely and Purposefully taking a stand.    

We Choose Our Life and Lessons

On a spiritual level, we choose every aspect of our life – parents, family, society and the circumstances we are born into.  Our choices are to present lessons and challenges that will best spur our awakening evolution. 

Difficult as it may be, once we accept that concept, it means that, even if we didn’t vote for someone, on some level we chose them.   Even if we aren’t toting a gun, if war exists, we are agreeing to it.  Even if we drive an electric car and recycle religiously, we are complicit about pollution. 

All on a deeply subconscious, Higher Consciousness, Big Picture level.

Extraordinary Beings are Here Now

There are many who have chosen to be on this planet during this time to do extraordinary things.  Why?  Because only extraordinary beings would choose to be here during these tumultuous times.  We have Purposeful gifts that can become critical mass that assists the world. 

We’ve also chosen to be here to get whatever lessons are standing in the way of manifesting our Purpose.  For example, until enough of us get that war doesn’t ever really solve a problem, it will continue.  Until we resolve our “inner war mentality,” the part that spontaneously strikes out when something bothers us, war will continue.  War is a physical version of what we do to ourselves (internally and externally), falsely believing it will stop something.    

Just as students can’t advance to geometry until they pass basic math, our life lessons repeat until they’re mastered.   On a grander level, history repeats itself until enough people pass the Big Lessons presented.  Only then will the consciousness of the world fully shift.  

Those Big Core Lessons

Here are some lessons being presented to us during these interesting times.  As we each learn them individually, we can change the world. 

1)     The big one we’ve been trying to master for centuries:  “How can we get along with others who seem different from us?”  We are here to experience that we’re all the same – same fears, same desires, same Purpose – manifesting in unique ways.  Having people in powerful positions who seem opposite from us is a great way to learn this one. 

2)   To see that human issues bridge both political and spiritual concerns.  Hunger, health care, equality, abuse, war and ecological respect are all ethical and spiritual issues.  

3)   To understand that we attract others to perfectly reflect (“mirror”) whatever we are suppressing or denying about ourselves.  Whatever it takes and however long it takes, mirrors awaken us. 

4)   When we feel a strong pull toward helping others, that particular issue may be something we’re trying to resolve within ourselves.  Like the person denying their addictive personality becoming a drug counselor; the relationship therapist who can’t commit to marriage; the accountant who can’t handle finances.  Until our personal issues are resolved, we will subconsciously come from self-judgment which only intensifies the situation.   

Here’s my ongoing fantasy I’m putting out to the Universe: 

I’m in a room filled with people in powerful positions, explaining in detail all these spiritual concepts.  Once they achieve left brain understanding, I have them close their eyes and lead them in a deep, guided, inner process.  Each experiences huge inner shifts, totally seeing that everything is a mirror. 

They open their eyes and all agree it’s time to stop the wars and change all the divisive, destructive policies.  Immediately.  They hug and start singing Kumbaya, wondering why in heck it took so long to find that love is the obvious (duh!) answer. 

I like believing that’s possible. 

Until then, I preach to the choir, hoping to inspire more of us to keep sitting in full lotus position looking within, learning our personal lessons, and making sure to take a purely loving, Purposeful stand in (not of) the world. 

We need us now more than ever.


Royce Morales is the Founder of Perfect Life Awakening and the developer of Spiritual Cognition Integration.  Her breakthrough self-discovery work is designed to help people re-connect with who they really are, live meaningful, empowered, joy-filled, deserving lives, doing what they are meant to do.  PLA offers practical inner tools to discover answers, access intuition and navigate life Purposefully.   

Royce is available for private spiritual work via skype or phone as well as group classes.  She is the author of two books:  “Want:  True love, past lives and other complications”; and “Know:  A spiritual wake-up call,” both available on   Her website is  and Facebook page is Royce Morales.  She can be reached at

Excavating Hidden Treasures in your Past

As a therapist specializing in guiding people into their past to discover their Soul Purpose, I’ve heard many reasons some are reluctant to explore what might be loitering there.  Scary stuff, so I'm told!  Or, they proclaim loudly, the past has no effect on me!  Occasionally there are concerns about stirring up what’s taken years to “cope” with (Read:  Deny).   I’m just fine, they argue, right?

“Let the past be in the past;”  “Live for the moment;”  “Life is not meant to be lived backwards” are just a few clichés I’ve heard bantered about, trying to justify letting “Sleeping dogs lie.”    

Although we may not consciously realize it, as another saying goes, trying to ignore our past is like trying to avoid looking at the elephant in the room.  It takes a ton of denial to ignore that two ton creature, ultimately making its influence that much stronger.  Especially when it makes those thunderous trumpeting sounds!   

The work I do with clients has shown that, not only is examining our past interesting, it can be quite fruitful. 


By getting in touch with significant memories tucked away in our subconscious, we can release their hold on our present life.  I compare it to pressing the ctrl-alt-delete button on a computer:   Programming from long ago taking up space on our hard drive gets dumped as useless garbage. 

Another reward is discovering what may've been forgotten about why we are here, the unique gifts we are meant to bring to the world.  Our Soul Purpose.   By clearing out the past that’s been hampering our present, we get empowered to be who we really are, confidently sharing our aliveness.   

Although various techniques such as "acting as if," stating positive affirmations or doing creative visualization have some power, they are temporary fixes, powerless to conquer what’s trying to bubble up from our past.  As another wise saying goes:  Whatever we resist persists. 

Here are some important reasons to explore the mysteries contained in our past.  Notice I specifically chose the word explore, emphasizing the difference between exploring versus dwelling

      1)   Discovering past lives, the between lives realm, or just looking deeper at events from your current life can help resolve their subconscious influence, opening doors to (re)discover your unique Soul Purpose. 

We arrive here fully cognizant of why we are here, our unique, divinely guided, Soul Purpose.  But, as life goes on, that knowledge gets suppressed and ultimately forgotten.  Why?  The influence of significant, past, unresolved events. 

Some examples are:  “Belief Systems” we bought into from family or society at a young age; programmed fears that were concluded as real; the judgments and invalidations we accepted as true from others.   This just scratches the surface.     

We develop tactics trying to tuck away the influence of our past, hoping denial can alleviate its negative effects.  Sadly, our hopes, dreams and Soul Purpose go astray in the process.    

      2)  We can get in touch with things we’ve forgotten we've done and are still punishing ourselves for so we can clean them up and forgive. 

We may not realize it, but we walk around with buckets of subconscious, unresolved guilt about things we’ve done in the past.  The Universe is designed to have us attract negative situations as a way to remember, clean up and balance out those things (AKA karma).  By remembering those suppressed events, we can feel compassion and forgiveness toward ourselves, understand our lessons, and ultimately get our power and Purposefulness back.    

      3)  Going on a treasure hunt into our past is a fascinating and enlightening history lesson. 

Have you ever read an amazing book that awakened you in some way?  Changed the way you look at things?  Inspired you to shift life direction? 

The same thing can happen when you explore your past.  It can help you re-discover what used to excite you, feel re-energized toward what you once knew was your Purpose and somehow lost along the way.

This inner work helps turn re-read pages of your history, reminding you of the true essence of your life.  You may find keys to doors your Higher Intelligence has been trying to open for years.  Or decades.  Or lifetimes. 

      4)  You are a gift the world needs now.

During this compelling time in history, it’s more important than ever to activate your Highest Calling, live your Biggest Possibility and realize your Greatest Reason for being.  As the planet experiences accelerated change, we can no longer live in the slow lane:  It’s time to fast forward ourselves. 

It's safe to say that many of us are here to do extraordinary things, because only extraordinary beings would choose to be here during these challenging times. 

You’ve spent 1000’s of years developing into who you are.  It’s time to get out a shovel and do some soul excavation, unearthing fascinating mysteries about yourself.   It’s time to discover your Higher Wisdom, connect with your Soul Purpose, and resurrect this your life.


What is Purposefulness?

As the developer of Soul Purpose, I frequently think about what it means to have a Bigger Reason for being here.  Honestly, I  can't imagine not thinking about the deeper meaning of what life is about.  The more I ponder the notion that our lives are important and that each of us is meant to contribute something imperative to existence, the more I realize the importance of discovering why we are here.  

Everyone of us, at some point, asks those Universal Big Questions.  What a gift to be asking them while there is plenty of time to explore the answers.     

When we sense there's something more important than just survival and the acquisition of material things, it intrinsically becomes important to do something Bigger or more meaningful with our life:  Live Purposefully.  Those who don't know this flounder around aimlessly, and this could be the root cause of depression, hopelessness and regret

It's like being given an amazing gift and ignoring it, never bothering to open it.  .  

I find that following where our spirit pulls us is possibly the only way to experience  true, enduring happiness as well as personal empowerment.

Here are some universal elements that describe Purposefulness:

 1) Living Purposefully means giving and receiving unconditional love fully and fearlessly, in the form it is meant to take for you.     

2) Living Purposefully means being who you really are—a powerful spiritual being living from trust, forgiveness, acceptance, connectedness, commitment, integrity and truth.   

3) Accepting and trusting others on their unique spiritual journey.

4) Doing meaningful or significant things that matter to you.    This doesn't necessarily mean lofty things, just whatever feels important to do that perhaps makes a difference in the lives of others.  Even a small difference.

5) Cleaning up and completing whatever you did that causes guilt feelings that won't resolve.

 6) To be present, showing up fully in life. 

 7) To have a playful, joyful attitude, no longer struggling or feeling like a victim. 

We all know our Purpose upon arrival, but the circumstances of life have us block it out and forget.  Quickly.  

However, life is constantly trying to lead you toward your Purpose, trying various ways to re-awaken you to what your spirit is meant to accomplish.

If these words are calling your name, Soul Purpose can help guide you on a journey of re-awakening to who you really are.  Let's chat!


A Path to Transformation

“I’m seeing a garden, mostly herbs, a cypress tree hanging down, spongey ground, a wedding ring pattern, ultramarine blue crystal, a well-defined, sweaty, dirty muscular male.  Now, there’s black and yellow shapes in a light, and symbols etched on a stone...”

This was only just the beginning of a session I conducted with Louis, an engineer who came to me wanting to understand why his life was always one big struggle.

When this tentative fifty year old man came to my office, he was filled with inherent skepticism and doubt. Louis acknowledged having deep-seated reservations about doing this type of work because of the strong influence of several conservative, traditional religions in his background.  However, there was so much going on in his life, he also knew he needed help. 

In a hypnotic state, we began by delving into his childhood, then further back into the time in his Mother’s womb.  As he observed from a spirit vantage point, he became aware that his parents had wanted a girl and were not happy at all that he was a boy.  Right from conception, Louis had decided that life was a struggle, and then struggled to receive love and acceptance continuing that pattern into his present day marriage.   

He found himself constantly asking: Why am I still here?

We went further back in his regression session.  Without explanation as to what to expect, Louis spontaneously connected with past life and between lives memories.   He saw and felt every detail as I would pose questions to him. 

At first, images of people would come through like silhouettes, then come into focus.  He would also see colors and shapes that would eventually morph into places and things.  

A strong memory then emerged…

“I’m in a battle in a jungle…  Somehow I got away…  Deep cut on my chest.  A woman with cinder-brown hair, olive complexion and green eyes finds me…  She takes me to her village where the houses all have thatched roofs…   She is so concerned, so caring.  That’s her name:  “Green Eyes”…  It’s dark, I sleep…  It feels safe…  Other women arrive to take care of me…  They nurture me back to health…  I survive.”   

As the session continued, more details emerged from that life:

“Green Eyes puts her hand on my chest, her other hand on her heart. She chose me. It feels amazing, like I’ve come home, but it’s not my home. I see us standing together and I’m wearing a sapphire medallion, the same ultramarine blue I saw before. It’s our wedding. I don’t know how I know this, but it’s a Mayan ceremony-- the symbols I saw on the stone are Mayan.” 

He then fast forwarded to the end of that life: 

“I’m an old man, dying. Everyone was so genuine and kind, taking me in so generously. There were so many lessons I was supposed to learn there, all about the importance of really learning to love. Love and friendship, peace and innocence, the four most important things. I have to open my heart!”     

Those last six words were key for him:  I have to open my heart.”

As we ventured back to a previous time, I asked more questions, as we delved deeper.

“It’s a gray day. It stinks really, really bad. Burning bodies. Everything, everyone is gray. There’s fighting everywhere, a war... in the Pacific. Everyone’s wearing camouflage clothes, eating food out of cans. Dead bodies all around me."

“A marine walks toward me. It’s Joe! He’s emotionally dead. I feel disgusted. I feel guilty. Why did I make it? The minute I have that thought, I get shot in the head. I’m only 20. I will never get older. I lived through the Dust Bowl and the Depression and then die in a no-name spot. This is not fair! Where were the good times?”

Instantly, after remembering that experience, he started seeing colors.  A yellow white glow that turned into a group of souls.  He was in the midst them. 

“I’m at some sort of gateway, and, leading a group of souls, Vic steps up.  I’m so happy to see him and he’s just as happy to see me! He’s androgynous, old, filled with vitality and gives me a pat on the back.  ‘Good job,’ he says, in reference to how well I lived that lifetime.”  

“I’m with all these other souls, and they’re all glowing. It’s like a yellow and white glowing cocktail party, welcoming and loving. I can see how all these souls are related. Even though they’re in separate groups, some have overlapping concentric circles of energy connecting them.” 

Between lives is the spiritual realm where the soul goes when we transition from lifetime to lifetime.  It’s a ‘layover’ interval, for debriefing, planning and readying us to move into our next incarnation.  This realm is about re-acquainting us with who we really are, helping us to gain wisdom and let go of the tough lessons of previous lifetimes.  We also re-connect with souls we’ve shared experiences with.  And, it’s the time we plan our choice to return with specific intentions, for the evolution of our soul.   

Louis became aware that this soul group was highly advanced, and they were there to assist him.  They had encouraged him to return into his current life so he could evolve and build more character, going through many challenging situations. 

Then in this immortal state of being, an insight came to Louis...

“There’s someone there who looks so familiar.  Gloria is her name.   Oh wow, it’s Green Eyes!  She’s one of my spirit guides!”  

As he continued to see details, he realized he has three main "guides"in this life. Firstly Randy who’d been a mentor for him when he was a teenager. Secondly, a dog who taught him open hearted playfulness and the simple things in life. Then finally, Green Eyes/Gloria, his wife from Mayan times. 

Although Louis was not as advanced as the others, Gloria had brought him into this soul group because she saw value in him.  Her job was to help him learn three primary lessons:  1) Love is the motivating factor.  2) True oneness is the only moderating force.  3) Love is all there is.  She chose him in the soul realm as well as in the Mayan life, to remind him about who he truly is, using a gentle push on his heart and a sacred whisper to his soul. 

Louis then understood the significance of his relationship with his son, Andrew, in this life.  He saw that this fourteen year old is an advanced leader, destined to bring great spiritual awakening to the world.  His role would be to bring more joy, light and understanding to many.  

He realized the importance of maintaining a stable home life for this enlightened soul, to nurture him daily, teaching him that “Love is all there is.”  Louis’ role is to support his spirituality by teaching him about the many aspects of his own family’s spirituality. 

It became clear to Louis that he needed to stay with his wife for his son’s benefit.  He accepted that his own happiness wasn’t important; that what was important was the raising of this special child.  By understanding this, he was able to stop resisting the lessons he was supposed to learn with his wife.  By obtaining this spiritual understanding, he achieved the peace and ease in his relationship that he so desperately craved. The healing from this insight alone, was deep, powerful and life changing. 

What occurs between lives is held in our deepest subconscious memories. Accessing it can provide profound understanding about who we really are, why we are here and lessons yet to learn.   Getting in touch with the planning we undertake there -- the choices we made, the instructions we were given, the wisdom we obtained --- can change this life in countless and beautiful ways. 

After letting go of childhood and past life traumas, along with awakening to his between life memories, issues started to gently fall away for Louis. He'd been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and following the session without changing his diet or lifestyle, his body spontaneously lost 35 pounds.  He no longer needed extra weight to protect him.  His blood sugar also normalized, much to the amazement of his doctor.  

My client was thrilled to discover the treasure trove of information to be learned from accessing this between lives state.   Things he’d sensed about his true purpose started to manifest. The lessons he was supposed to learn became a joyous adventure rather than something to avoid. Things that had occurred in this life made sense by seeing the bigger picture.  His consciousness awakened as to why he had chosen this existence. 

Louis felt relieved, empowered, and in touch with the wisdom of the ages just by accessing his authentic between lives memories.   

This inner journey was even more significant since his traditional religious background wasn't supportive of doing this type of work. Remarkably, however, he found that this exploration only enhanced an already strong commitment to his faith in a deeper, more tangible way.

After these between life memories appeared, Louis’s logical mind needed a bit of validation.  I discussed the documented scientific evidence proving what he’d gotten in touch with, which helped him trust it even more.  Unlike traditional religious notions about heaven and hell, or the “rest period” concept, Louis’s spontaneous personal experience allowed him to know, and live, his own truth.

What an honor it was for me to help this man, to not only get in touch with his life lessons, but to have such a powerful life-changing experience.

Flowfulness or Floundering?

Of course you’ve heard the phrase “go with the flow,” but what does that really mean?  Some define it as not having an opinion, following the majority.  Others say it’s being ‘wishy washy,’ maybe even being stuck in "'60's mentality," man!

Really, it’s about learning to roll with the punches, graciously accepting change, turning lemons into lemonade.  A deep level of trusting, knowing you’re fully supported in a friendly universe, navigating the tides of life. 

Most importantly, it’s aligning with your Inner Wisdom, going with your soul’s direction, not ignoring but rather embracing those inner pulls.   I find that, if we don't, we feel out-of-whack, endlessly manipulating, struggling helplessly in fear, confusion and doubt. 

“Flowfulness” provides confidence that, where you’re heading IS the right place to land.  Even if you are not sure where that might be. 

We sense that the Bigger Picture is the "Why" we’re flowing in this particular river.  Yet we often fight our Higher Consciousness because sometimes it doesn't seem logical, or we fear losing approval or being judged as weird.   

It may seem like going with the flow is relinquishing control.  Yet, have you ever seen someone trying to swim against the current?  Who’s not in control in this scenario? 

Observing nature gives lessons about going with the flow.  Do trees fight the wind blowing their leaves? Does a river struggle to run away from the ocean?  Do buds resist blooming into flowers?  Do bears guzzle coffee to stay awake when they should be hibernating?  

We silly humans paddle hard, resisting our direction, and wonder why we’re exhausted with nothing to show for it. 

When living in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose, you feel empowered, every aspect of life feels effortless, flowing and Right.   

What does that mean in the real world?   Allowing emotions to be felt; balancing logic and creativity; giving yet acknowledging what is needed. Most importantly, trusting the direction your soul is destined to go.  If that’s off, you’ll always be swimming upstream. 

Without a paddle.   

Why Are We Afraid to Remember Past Lives?

Okay, so maybe you accept the notion that past lives exist.  And maybe you’ve even toyed with the idea that you’ve been here before.  Yet, the idea of remembering your past lives gives you the willies.  Why?

Here are a few common reasons why reincarnation isn’t taught much, why some  believe that accepting it would threaten the social structure, and why you might be shaking in your boots even pondering trying to remember your own past lives.

1) In ancient times, people feared that others would come back in their next life and want to re-claim their possessions or want retribution of some kind.  That’s why those upper crust folks were often buried with their things!  Now-a-days, there's similar fears, perhaps the subconscious reason we so carefully itemize who gets what in our wills.  Imagine the field day a lawyer would have trying to prove the person attacking you was because you humiliated him in a prior life!

2) Information about reincarnation was actually removed from the original Bible and replaced with the concept of heaven and a hell.  Apparently, this was done to gain more control of people by hanging the threat of eternal damnation or the reward of heaven. 

3) With society’s ultra-concern about acquiring success, many fear we would lose our achievement drive, become apathetic, thinking that we can “just come back next lifetime” to accomplish a goal.

4) There's a very real fear that we’d have to be completely accountable, since, after all, we set everything up from what we did in prior existences.  That level of responsibility is terrifying and much easier to feign being a victim, not the recipient of the karma we brought with us.  Historically, governing leaders who understood this phenomenon were particularly afraid of having to be accountable, so it was easier to suppress teaching reincarnation.

5) The fear that the information received from remembering past lives would be abused or misused in some way, feeding our ego or becoming a way to manipulate others. 

6) Many believe that this life is overwhelming, and to add previous lives would just be way too much to deal with.  We actually start blocking past life memories shortly after we arrive in our new body due to just trying to survive and figure out this thing called life.

7) Fear of being judged as different, weird or strange in our society.

8) The fear that remembering past lives would be scary or painful, especially if we remember something gruesome. 

9) The timing just isn’t right.  Our Higher Consciousness knows when we are ready to remember since often we make some big life changes once we see a wider perspective from our past lives.

10) The fear that we would be more empowered and then have to take action with what we discover!

Are any of these concerns calling your name?  As a past life therapist, I know that no fears or concerns are reason enough to not delve in and discover more about who you really are.  You are here to discover your Soul Purpose.  Let’s do this. 

Reinventing Your Life

Are you entering a new stage of life? 

Whether you’re in the "Sandwich Generation" --  squeezed between caring for kids at home while simultaneously assisting aging parents --  or an "Empty Nester" preparing for retirement, it might feel like an overwhelming existential crisis.

Have I accomplished what I wanted to?  Is my life going in the right direction?  Am I happy?   Does my life have meaning?  What’s next for me?

Although you may not realize it, what you’re really wondering is:  Am I living my Soul’s True Purpose? 

As you observe your children excitedly determining their life’s direction, or parents completing theirs, you may find yourself looking backwards as much as forwards.  Although it’s natural to experience frustration, and perhaps even resentment, this time offers an opportunity to reinvent your life. 

What lessons can you get from observing your parent’s triumphs and struggles?  How can you reignite your own enthusiasm as you watch your children forge ahead?  Was there a time you knew what you are here for but let fear get in the way of following that path?

Answering these questions honestly can provide the impetus to look within and make some life-affirming changes. 

Gaining clarity about your true passions and trusting yourself to shift gears no matter your age or circumstance, can give rise to a shiny new second half of life.  Most importantly, resolving negative repetitious situations and sabotaging Belief Systems can free you to live fully every single moment.   

Transpersonal hypnotherapy work can help release subconscious programmed restrictions so you can discover your soul’s unique blueprint.   It can also help you find joy in any sandwich or nest you may find yourself in!


Join Gayle for this transformative visioning workshop in December. 3 x 90 minute sessions for only $158. Sign up today!





Grieving the Loss of a B.F.F. (Best Furry Friend)

“Until one loves an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened.” Anatole France

If you’ve been graced by a four-legged family member, eventually you may feel the extreme sting of loss at their death.   Somehow, it’s just not fair that the life span of cherished pets is significantly shorter than humans.   

No more wagging tail greeting or purring body curled up comfortably on your lap.  No more brisk walks with your unconditionally loving, perpetually forgiving buddy.   

The emptiness can feel almost unbearable, leaving a gaping hole in your heart as well as your home. 

Unlike when a dear friend or family member dies, society doesn’t always understand or respond well to the grieving that results from the loss of a pet.  An “I’m so sorry you lost your pet,” with the hurried expectation that “It was just a pet, so time to move on now”; or “Just go get another one, you’ll be fine!” is how people generally respond.

Mourning without support can certainly make you feel even more alone, like something’s wrong with you for feeling sad, lonely and like you can never love another animal companion again. 

The loss of a pet provokes the predictable stages of grieving just as with the death of anyone you feel attachment toward.  

Please know this:  There is nothing wrong with you for feeling the way you do. 

Pets not only become part of the family, they are often thought of as children (that don’t talk back), mute confidantes entrusted with our secrets, and devoted forever friends. 

Clearly, we often see them as far more than just cared for animals.  

It’s not unusual to feel convinced you will never be able to love another pet like this one, that you will never have another one as perfectly wonderful.  The depth of this loss can discourage you from wanting to home another animal, fearing going through pain like that again. 

No matter how good a pet parent you were, you may feel somehow responsible for their death. 

Often it’s easier to cope with the sudden death of a pet than with having to euthanize them.   Making the choice to “put down” an animal brings inevitable guilt, and did I make the right choice.  Maybe even who am I to determine the death of another?    

Like humans, pets will rally at the end of a long illness, providing false hope for a recovery.  Our animal companions may try to hold to life for the sake of the owner, continuing to do everything they can to please us. 

Because they are able to see the pictures we have in our minds, they know that their upcoming death is causing ambivalence in us.  They want the relief that death will bring as they feel us wanting that for them as well. 

Just as human spirits reincarnate repeatedly with the same group of people, the same can hold true for animals.  As a transpersonal therapist, I’ve worked with clients who discover a former beloved pet has come back into their life in another (physical or spiritual) form offering love, lessons and assistance. 

A childhood dog can return as that horse you’ve always dreamed about owning; your aloof cat could now be offering comfort in a non-physical form; your Best Furry Friend that was hit by a car could even return as your human child. 

Remember:  You don’t need anyone’s approval to mourn the loss of your pet, nor have to justify your feelings to anyone.  Grief takes as long as it takes, and, like losing a human companion, your life may never feel the same without them.   

Oh, and don’t judge yourself for bouncing back quickly either!

If you need a compassionate, caring person to lend a sympathetic ear and help you journey through your grief, please contact me.  

  “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose;  all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”
- Helen Keller

How Does Remembering Past Lives Impact This Life?

Before we get into the importance of remembering past lives, know that the vast majority of people on this planet believe in reincarnation.   Sadly, even with enough scientific evidence offering substantiation for even the most skeptical, the concept is still relatively novel to Western society and often scoffed at.   

Why should we be concerned with previous lifetimes?

The basic explanation is that our previous lifetimes are affecting us constantly, subconsciously and often quite dramatically.

It’s like having a pebble in a tight shoe, walking along, hoping it will stop hurting by ignoring it rather than just taking off the shoe and removing it.

Like that pebble, until we address something that’s subconsciously impacting us, we will be continuously pulled out of the moment, angry and annoyed, repeating patterns and wondering why we just can’t seem to get where we want in life, or why we arrive with a bloody blistered foot!

How do past lives affect us?

There are lots of things that happened in THIS life that you probably don’t consciously remember, especially when you were really young, even a tiny baby. 

Like when you fell out of your crib and had to be rushed to the ER.

You don’t remember it happening, yet that event is probably affecting you more than you realize.  Every time your parents tell the story about …that time you fell out of your crib and scared the life out of us… it’s like hearing something you know is true but can’t quite experience as real or feel any emotional reaction to. 

They may as well be relaying the plot from a book they read.

But, maybe you’ve noticed a few things about yourself. 

Like you've been illogically afraid of heights for as long as you remember; you never want to take risks in your career; hospitals freak you out; and you’re terrified of having a baby of your own, convinced you could never be a good parent.

You’re well aware that these fears are irrational, maybe even absurd, but nothing anyone can say or anything you say to yourself can alleviate them or convince otherwise. 

You’ve tried therapy, workshops, personal coaches, forced yourself to just do it, but nothing worked, at least not for long. 

It’s just like that with past lives. 

But add in the factor that no one is sitting around telling you stories about that time you fell off the cliff back in 1812. 

In other words, previous lifetimes affect you all the time, subconsciously influencing your choices, causing irrational fears, and making you not want to do certain things, or obsessing about things for no apparent reason.  

You're terrified about bungie jumping, would never consider living near a cliff, hate seeing movies about mountain climbing.  You wander the aisles of libraries obsessed with the history of the 1800’s. Oddly, you feel an intense attraction to men wearing cowboy hats.

In order to free yourself from the subconscious influence of the traumas experienced in past lives, or from times you did things you are less than proud of, you need to remember them. 

The process is actually quite simple:  Imagine that all of the significant events you went through in past lives got recorded on an “inner computer program.”  With the unique Soul Purpose hypnotherapy techniques, Gayle gently guides you toward discovering those subconscious recordings. 

Once you remember those events, you can understand how your mind was programmed from them, release their hold on you and even be able to perceive them in a different, more evolved way. 

Actually, it’s like hitting the delete button and watching a file you no longer need get thrown into the recycle bin.  And then emptying the recycle bin to make sure it gets permanently trashed. 

Permanently is the key word. 

This empowering inner work can allow fearful incidents from prior lives that are still affecting you be resolved.  

It can also help you understand more about who you are, why you are here and what you are meant to do.

Since we tend to repeat patterns, this process can explain why certain things have happened in this life and why certain people are in your life today. 

The best part is the profound, permanent shifts that can occur in this life.  That irritating rock you’ve been trying to ignore can finally be out of your shoe… once and for all!

Find out who you were and are.  

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