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Life Between Lives Therapy

There is documented evidence based on years of scientific research that proves the existence of a realm the spirit returns to between lifetimes.  That time span consists of deprogramming, educating and preparation for the next choice of physical existence.  

There is a treasure trove to be learned about yourself by accessing this "home away from home," especially the discovery of life's lessons and what your true Purpose is in this life.  

Re-establish your sense of connection and soul wisdom as you cross the bridge between your current life and your soul’s between lives landing place. 

Gayle is a certified therapist for Life Between Lives, and will gently facilitate you along this empowering soul voyage to where your deepest memories live.  

These life-changing sessions are between four and five hours in length.

Gayle received her advanced training in Life Between Lives hypnotherapy education at Newton Institute.  ( 


"I went to see Gayle with a lot of inherent skepticism and doubt.   However, there was so much going on in my life I knew I needed help.  In our first session together, I spontaneously regressed into a past life memory.   Immediately, I was able to  make connections with a past life 'soul family' into my present life. After experiencing that, so many things effortlessly shifted  for me.  For example, I wasn't happy in my marriage, and locating past lives exposed why.  Without changing partners, I was able to change from within and achieve peace and ease in my relationship.  I also had  been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and my body spontaneously lost 35 pounds without dieting by letting go of childhood and past life traumas.  My blood sugar normalized, much to the amazement of my doctor.  For almost a year, I regularly contacted Gayle to keep her apprised of all the changes that continued to happen from these powerful sessions.  This inner journey was even more significant since my religious background traditionally wasn't supportive of doing this type of work, however it only enhanced my commitment to my faith in a deeper way."    - Frankie,  Civil Engineer  2013