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Art Therapy

The therapeutic technique of Art Therapy is an effective way to foster communication and discover hidden issues without utilizing words.  

Art Therapy is not about being an artist, but rather is a non-threatening form  of communication that bypasses the logical mind and allows an individual or a family to access and bring out their true feelings.  Oftentimes, underlying emotions such as unexpressed resentments, fears and anger are allowed to safely surface with this potent technique.  

Gayle has several years of experience working as a primary therapist and adjunct art therapist in lock-in facilities as well as schools for learning disabled children.  

She expertly assists clients of all ages to discover their inner roadblocks and then helps resolve them through the use of  the powerful modality of Art Therapy.   

Gayle received her degree in Art Therapy from Loyola Marymount University in California.  

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