Living Purposefully

"The two greatest days of your life are the day you were born...and the day you find out what your purpose is." - Mark Twain

Waking up, at first, can be challenging. 

Perhaps you've spent most of your life (futilely) trying to please others. Or putting forward a false facade, knowing deep down that living a lie doesn’t work. 

Maybe there's a void in your life, an underlying intuitive sense that something is missing.  No matter how hard you work. Or play.  Or try to change. 

Happiness will come tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

Although from the moment of your birth, you knew who you really are, you’ve been learning who you aren’t.  Being convinced by others and life that this is who you need to be to be loved or approved of. 

Instead of connecting, you were competing.  Instead of feeling, you were desensitizing.  Instead of being you were doing.  Instead of trusting, you were living in fear. 

However, in your core, you knew something didn't feel right.    

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As if by divine intervention, the truth started pouring into your life.  You started experiencing that anything is possible and that you have the power to transform your life.  You became deluged with information, wanting to explore everything, but not knowing where to start.

What is "Purposefulness?"

As we start to sense there’s something Bigger to life than just survival and the acquisition of material things, it often feels important to start doing something Bigger or more meaningful…  living Purposefully allows us to live and die with no regrets and experience  true, enduring happiness.

Here are two Universal Elements describing Purposefulness:

 1) Living Purposefully means giving and receiving unconditional love fully and fearlessly, in the form it is meant to take for you.     Purposefulness doesn’t necessarily imply lofty, rather, things that feel meaningful to you.

2) Living Purposefully means being who you really are—a powerful spiritual being living from trust, forgiveness, acceptance, connectedness, commitment, integrity and truth.   

We all know our Purpose upon arrival but the circumstances of life have us block it out and forget.

Life is about re-awakening to what your spirit is guiding you to do.

Allow Soul Purpose to assist you on this journey of re-awakening.