Inner Peace BOOMS Amid Noise

Sitting in a parking lot between appointments, on an important business call, a lowrider car careens in, boom box blaring.  Instant annoyance, my customary, unswerving inner peace peeved. What an insecure, attention-starved jerk, I think with righteous indignation.

Catching this out-of-character judgmentalness, I hastily adjust my irritation level. Wow, he must be such a terrified soul to be so over-the-top!  

Phew. Peace (and business call) returned, simply by shifting to compassion.

A few years ago, that scenario wouldn’t have happened. Most likely I would’ve yelled a few *expletives* out the window, maybe even flipped him off, completely justifying my actions.

Now-a-days, calm is my normal.  

How did I get here? Not by “acting-as-if” faking it, memorizing spiritual books, or suppressing those (albeit reactive) emotions.

Peacefulness arrived by practicing the inner work that I preach. Things that generated upsetting emotions, negativity or judgments became keys that unlocked awareness of my personal issues.  Disturbing situations were explored as accurate mirrored reflections of any leftover denial. My inner-discovery shovel was (and still is) always poised, ready to do deep work..

So, Mr. Boombox (loudly) exposed my own lingering insecurities, my own need for attention, dare I admit my own “jerkiness.”  He reminded of my own fears, my own over-the-top behavior -- usually neatly concealed (not always).  

Incredibly, his disruptiveness prompted memories from long-forgotten past lives where I’d done annoying things to others.   

Of course, I don’t do any of these things as noisily as Mr. B., but apparently I needed that deafening wake-up boom to really “hear” myself.

As he barreled off, I thanked him energetically for this impeccably timed encounter, this gift of self-awakening and split-second karmic clean-up opportunity.  A fleeting present of presence, gained from what could’ve been perceived as very justified irritation.

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Transformation Through Lifetimes

A Path to Transformation for Louis

by Gayle Barklie, Certified Past Life and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist

(original version published in The Newton Institute, "Stories of Life Between Lives" publication, May, 2017, reprinted September 2018)

I’m seeing a garden, mostly herbs, a cypress tree hanging down, spongy ground, a wedding ring pattern, ultramarine blue crystal, a well-defined, sweaty, dirty muscular male. Now, there’s black and yellow shapes in a light, and symbols etched on a stone…

This was only just the beginning of a session I conducted with Louis, an engineer who came to me wanting to understand why his life was always one big struggle.

When this tentative, fifty-year-old man came to my office, he was filled with inherent skepticism and doubt. Louis acknowledged having deep-seated reservations about doing this type of work because of the strong influence of several conservative, traditional religions in his background. However, there was so much going on in his life, he also knew he needed help.

In a hypnotic state, we began by delving into his childhood, then further back into time in his mother’s womb. Louis learned that life was a struggle right from conception, and he even had a difficult time connecting with his body in utero. Suddenly, he became aware that his parents had wanted a girl and were not at all happy that he was a boy.

From then on, life was a struggle to receive love, and he had continued that pattern into his present day marriage. He found himself constantly asking: Why am I still here?

As we went further back in his regression session, without explanation as to what to expect, Louis spontaneously connected with past life and between lives memories. He saw and felt every detail as I would pose questions to him. At first, images of people would come through like silhouettes, then come into focus. He would also see colors and shapes that would eventually morph into places and things.

A strong memory then emerged…

I’m in a battle in a jungle… Somehow I got away… Deep cut on my chest. A woman with cinder-brown hair, olive complexion and green eyes finds me… She takes me to her village where the houses all have thatched roofs… She is so concerned, so caring. That’s her name: “Green Eyes”… It’s dark, I sleep… It feels safe… Other women arrive to take care of me… They nurture me back to health… I survive.

As the session continued, more details emerged from that life:

Green Eyes puts her hand on my chest, her other hand on her heart. She chose me. It feels amazing, like I’ve come home, but it’s not my home. I see us standing together and I’m wearing a sapphire medallion, the same ultramarine blue I saw before. It’s our wedding. I don’t know how I know this, but it’s a Mayan ceremony– the symbols I saw on the stone are Mayan.

He then fast forwarded to the end of that life.

I’m an old man, dying. Everyone was so genuine and kind, taking me in so generously. There were so many lessons I was supposed to learn there, all about the importance of really learning to love. Love and friendship, peace and innocence, the four most important things. I have to open my heart!

Those last six words were key for him:

I have to open my heart.

What occurs in past and between lives is held in our deepest subconscious memories. Accessing those memories can provide profound understanding about who we are, why we are here and lessons yet to learn. Getting in touch with the planning we undertake between lives — the choices we made, the instructions we were given, the wisdom we obtained — can change this life in countless and beautiful ways.

After letting go of childhood and past life traumas, along with awakening to his past and between life memories, issues started to gently fall away for Louis. He had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and following our session together, without changing his diet or lifestyle, his body spontaneously lost 35 pounds. He no longer needed extra weight to protect him. His blood sugar also normalized, much to the amazement of his doctor.

My client was thrilled to discover the treasure trove of information to be learned from accessing hidden memories. Things he’d sensed about his Soul Purpose started to manifest. The lessons he was supposed to learn became a joyous adventure rather than something to avoid. Things that had occurred in this life made sense, by seeing the bigger picture. His consciousness awakened as to why he had chosen this existence.

Louis felt relieved, empowered, and in touch with the wisdom of the ages just by accessing his these powerful memories. This inner journey was even more significant since his traditional religious background wasn’t supportive of doing this type of work. Remarkably however, he found that this exploration only enhanced an already strong commitment to his faith in a deeper, more tangible way.

After these between life memories appeared, Louis’s logical mind needed a bit of validation. I discussed the documented scientific evidence proving what he’d gotten in touch with, which helped him trust it even more. Unlike traditional religious notions about heaven and hell, or the “rest period” concept, Louis’s spontaneous personal experience allowed him to know, and live, his own truth.

What an honor it was for me to help Louis, to not only get in touch with his life lessons, but to have such a powerful, life changing experience. ♥

(Louis is a pseudonym and some details have been changed to protect the privacy of this client)

What Truly Nourishes Your Soul?

As a spirit-based psychotherapist and perpetual truth seeker, one of the most difficult things I’ve learned (and admittedly still learning more about every single day) is as big a cliché as they come:  “Nothing external will ever truly make you happy.”

Yes, there are things that bring transitory pleasure, temporary enjoyment and perhaps momentary exhilaration.  But what brings unwavering joy is that which nourishes your soul. 

Compare it to grabbing a bag of fast food and scarfing it down, versus dining on a gourmet feast in an elegant restaurant:  One calorie count stops your stomach from growling; the other nourishes body and soul, memorably.   

In this world of instant gratification, immediate communication and fast-track change, we’ve completely lost sight of what our soul desperately craves.  Thus, we run around grasping for more, more, more – more things, more highs, more likes on social media.  Is it any wonder we feel lost and numb inside?  

So, what are some soul-nurturing things, you ask?

Well, that’s just it:  They aren’t things at all.

They’re experiences of authenticity; times of deep connection.  They’re moments of inspiration; sudden illogical awareness.  They’re taking risks when we would ordinarily cower in doubt.  They’re mindfully appreciating those mundane, unpretentious moments:  Talking to a stranger, being alone in nature, pulling weeds, rocking a sleeping baby, watching a dazzling sunset, appreciating silence, holding hands.  .   

However, the most profound soul nourishing happens when simply listening and trusting your inner voice.  Allowing yourself to follow a Higher Consciousness path; trusting who you are, where you’re supposed to go, what you’re supposed to do.  It’s also about learning every step of the way, cleaning up subconscious guilt dragging you into the muck of undeservingness.   

This is your “Soul Purpose,” the real reason you’re here. 

Simply put:  You’re Purpose here is to discover the unique form you’re meant to be giving and receiving love this lifetime.   That's it.  Simple, yet often so complex!

If you feel a craving for what truly nourishes YOUR soul, let's work together.  Because, after all, Purposefulness certainly sustains far better than a Big Mac.   


When that infamous text came informing that missiles were heading toward Maui, my first thought was:  This is real; this is it.  Closely following by: Am I right with God, my world, my family, my friends?  When the answer was a resounding yes, I took a shower and then texted everyone I know, expressing love and gratitude. 

For me, being face-to-face with imminent death was an experience of euphoria. 

Everyone’s looking for a “high” of some kind.  Whether it’s through a rollercoaster ride, having sensational sex or witnessing a breathtaking sunset, we’re on a constant search for that feeling of euphoria. 

There are two problems with this externally sourced quest:  One, if and when we find it, it’s usually transitory.  The rollercoaster ride ends; sex is done and the sunset turns to night sky.

Two, because euphoria is rather uncommon in mundane existence, the hunt becomes addictive.  Like craving drugs, we seek that feeling constantly and will do or try anything to replicate it.   

Working with clients caught on that futile pursuit, I find that what they’re really seeking is their unique purpose.  The calm, empowering, almost inexplicable bliss when they get in touch with why they are here, what their life is about, who they truly are. 

Nothing surpasses the exhilaration of unfolding to what we’re meant to do, listening to our heartfelt messages, making a difference even in small ways.    That’s when true You-phoria settles in and takes permanent, consistent residence.

Hopefully, you won’t have to experience an existential threat with minutes to live to achieve your euphoria.  It might be easier (and safer) to just find your Soul Purpose.   

You could also choose to have an attitude adjustment.  How?  Everything, even the mundane, can be euphoric if you choose to perceive it that way.  Or, if you choose to perceive YOU in that way!

Or, just learn to skydive.    

What's Your Intention?

When you first start remembering past lives, you may find them absolutely intriguing.  You look forward to discovering the fascinating bits of history you uncover, gaining a broader perspective on relationships in this life, seeing astonishing vignettes filled with details you never could’ve made up.   

So cool, right?

There’s one common factor I emphasize to not only help my clients get the most value from discovering past lives, but to continue to have access to remembering them:  Make sure to have pure, Higher Consciousness reasons for wanting to explore them.  

So what does that mean?  

The purer the intent, the purer (and more powerful) the results. 

I’ll start by explaining what I mean by “impure motives.” 

Let’s compare it to going to a party specifically with the motive of meeting someone to date. You’ll probably be dolled up, flirty, tell amusing stories, be super charming, and maybe even exaggerate a few “facts” about yourself. 

Granted, you may end up meeting someone, however, since the connection isn’t from an authentic place, it probably won’t last.  Or, you’ll have to keep your game up for quite a while and that’s really exhausting.  You may even feel so guilty that you never follow through with calling that number slipped into your hand. 

Same holds true about looking at past lives.  Here are some common impure motives people often have, at least in the beginning.  Don’t worry, everyone starts here, and I myself have done a few of the following:

-         Wanting to prove something to someone (“See, you were wrong!  Past lives do exist!”)

-         Wanting attention (“Well, I’m working with this amazing hypnotherapist and she told me that I was the best client she ever worked with because it was so easy for me to find past lives!")

-         Wanting to impress people or any other ego-based motives (“Oh, by the way, I remembered that I was Cleopatra in a past life… isn’t that cool?”) (Note:  The amount of people who claim to have been Cleo in their past life is staggering.  So, trust me, you were not her!)

-         Wanting to control or manipulate someone (“Guess what?  I remembered that you and I were married in a previous life… so now you have to love me!”)

-         Wanting others to take the same past life journey (“Let’s find out how we knew each other in a past life… won’t that be fun?”)

On the other hand, here are the only motives to have when exploring past lives.  Again, don’t worry:  If you aren’t at a completely pure place yet, recognize and honor that, but strive to get there!

1)     To attain clarity about this life.  Understanding more about who you are and why you are here.  This can include seeing more aspects of who you were which can give you a bigger awareness of what you are here to learn, the lessons you brought with you, the challenges you need to face. 

 2)   To remember and release past life memories that are negatively affecting your current lifetime.  Things such as phobias that have no apparent present lifetime cause.  Or why certain people irritate you.  Or why you have a difficult time getting past certain financial barriers.  Addressing the root causes that trace back to previous lives can significantly affect this lifetime in positive ways.

3)   To get in touch with things you did in past lives so you can release guilt and find ways to clean them up.  By doing this, you can stop subconsciously punishing yourself so you can completely get your power back.  By the way, sometimes remembering negative things you did in past lives can temporarily bring up guilt, but there are ways to resolve that quickly.

 4)   To remember “soul relationships” that continue from other lifetimes.   This can allow you to understand what they are about, gain clarity as to the lessons to be learned, and clean up issues carried with you.  Doing this can allow you to be more able to fully connect, or choose to leave from feeling complete rather than from running away.

5)    To discover, clarify or awaken your Soul’s Purpose.   What are you supposed to be doing in this lifetime?  What is your Gift to bring the world?  How are you meant to express giving and receiving love in this life? 

Many people need to address issues from this life first before they are ready to confront past lives.  Like a logjam obstructing the flow of a river, we can’t go further until those blockages are removed. 

Finally, just so you know:  Your Higher Consciousness knows when you’re ready to see past lives and will only present memories you’re ready to handle.   In other words, you’ll probably remember being Cleopatra before remembering that you were Napoleon!   

What Those So-Called Weaknesses are Telling You

How could a weakness be anything but annoying?  You overcompensate, ignore, educate, act as if, but no matter what, you feel like an utter failure.  Even if your many strengths should counteract any weakness.  Even if you are highly successful in other ways.

 Let’s start with a list that can inspire a shift in your thinking.    

- Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four, read until he was seven, and failed high school math, causing his teachers and parents to think he was mentally handicapped. 

- Jerry Seinfeld froze, was jeered and booed off stage the first time he tried to do standup comedy. 

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because, "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” 

- Colonel Sanders chicken recipe was rejected 1,009 times before a restaurant finally accepted it. 

Charles Darwin gave up trying to have a medical career and was often chastised by his father for being lazy and “too dreamy.”

- Teachers told Thomas Edison he was "too stupid to learn anything," was fired from his first two jobs and made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.

- Oprah Winfrey endured a rough and often abusive childhood and was fired from her job as a television reporter because she was "unfit for TV."   

- When the Beatles just started, a recording company told them "we don't like your sound, and guitar music is on the way out," two things the rest of the world couldn't have disagreed with more. 

- The first book by Stephen King, the iconic thriller Carrie, received 30 rejections, causing him to give up and throw it in the trash. His wife fished it out and encouraged him to resubmit it.  The rest is history.

Michael Jordan, the man lauded as the best basketball player of all time, was cut from his high school basketball team. "I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I’ve been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

Each person above is undoubtedly regarded as one of the greatest in their field.  They all faced incredible obstacles, ridicule, rejection and even the animosity of society.  These heroic icons, forever imprinted as the best of our species, overcame hurdles, hindrances and maybe even hopelessness. 

Thankfully for the world, rather than giving up, they were inspired to work harder and show even more determination.

It could also be said they chose to follow without choice what their soul was patiently directing them to do. 

Each experienced the infinite wisdom of the Universe clearing the way for them to present their unique, timely, necessary contribution.  Not buy into their so-called weakness. 

Get the point?

From inventors to entertainers, business gurus to athletes:  History proves that ‘failure’ can be the impetus kicking us in the butt in the direction we are meant to take:   Our Soul’s Purpose.

Also, those disappointments, fiascos and disasters can help us discover what we aren’t supposed to be doing… by admitting weaknesses and taking the path our strengths point out. 

Rather than defining ourselves as failures, choosing to look at our challenges in a different light can expose the open door we may’ve missed.  We just might discover the real direction we’re being led, determine hidden strengths, or, most importantly, what we were put on this planet to do. 

However, messages received as children from people we entrusted to know more than we do are powerful.  They can lead us away from our True Purpose, get stuck believing we are hopeless failures, and live life futilely, repeatedly, falling into black holes. 

Is it any wonder we end up in unfulfilling careers, strangling jobs, belittling positions and thankless professions?  We spend time living for the weekend, dreading Mondays, fantasizing about our accumulated vacation time and landing at far too many Happy Hours.  

A gold watch or Golden Parachute retirement doesn't make up for those resented decades. 

So, why did that child struggling with math end up discovering the Theory of Relativity?  Was it because he needed to work harder to prove he wasn’t a failure?  Or was his mind already churning with E=Mc2 thoughts that went way outside any box anyone tried to put him in?   

Or was his soul’s message stronger than any limitation?

Maybe all of the above.

Here's the message:  Think about what those famous people went through getting where they were supposed to be, and keep on keeping on. 

Remind yourself that, sometimes failure(s) is (are) just a step(s) toward success, not who you are. 

 You DO have a purpose here.   Let your soul lead you.

 If you need assistance finding your True Purposeful Path, let’s chat.  

Choosing Lives

When you start to understand the life-death-life dance, you see that, not only are you the master of your fate, you choose it as well! 

As you get in touch with the time you spent between lifetimes, you may recall being in a spiritual realm determining your next existence.  Like an architect creating a blueprint for a building, you do the same thing for your next adventure inhabiting a body.

There are many things you choose during that time.  Your parents, what sex you will be, your physical condition, geographical environment, interests, talents and, most importantly, the lessons you’re supposed to learn.   Not only big Universal Lessons such as forgiveness, love and compassion, but lessons specific to things you've done in prior lives. 

There are two levels of consciousness that makes these choices. 

The part of you that’s strictly concerned with physical existence chooses a body from a needy place, a desire to be back in a physical form, worried only with how you are going to survive best this time around.    

- Your more evolved, Higher Consciousness, on the other hand, chooses a body based on what you need to learn, clean up and complete from previous existences.  It also chooses what you are here to bring to the world:  your Higher Purpose.

Here are other things you choose: 

1)     Because of what you are here to remember, you choose a life that repeats various patterns so you can eventually learn a particular lesson or clean up situations from previous lifetimes.  Unfortunately, your less evolved consciousness fights this since its only concern is physical survival and being “right.”  It actually loves feeling like the innocent victim. 

2)   You choose to learn (or remember) some very basic Universal lessons such as letting go of attachments, trust, feeling empowered, forgiveness, etc.  In other words, getting fully back to your Power by choosing ways that will demonstrate that to you.

3)   You choose a life with the same group of people in it, repeatedly.  Every lifetime this group may take on various roles depending on what lessons are needed.  You have some people with strong soul ties to learn some big lessons with so may choose them as parents or a spouse.  You might also be destined to do something Purposeful together.

4)      We are not required to choose only being in a human form.  However, since we have so many things to clean up and learn, we usually choose being a person as the most efficient way to do so.    

If you are interested in exploring some of the choices you've made in between lifetimes, contact Gayle as your best guide!

What Can Happen From Remembering Past Lives?

Although getting in touch with who you were in previous incarnations can be interesting (Spoiler Alert:  Chances are you were NOT Cleopatra!), the therapeutic value is literally life-transforming. 

Discovering past lifetimes still unknowingly impacting your consciousness can bring understanding, awareness and peace into your current life. 

Remarkably, releasing deeply-held traumatic events from other lives can help heal current life issues, bringing compassion toward yourself and others. 

Even more, you can be freed to manifest what you are here to do, your Soul Purpose in being. 

Taking time to look at, appreciate, and resolve past lives can release you from their subconscious hold and bring wholeness, connection and spiritual expansion.

Although past life regression therapy is not for everyone, if you feel ready to explore, contact Gayle Barklie to start your inner-discovery process.

Gayle is a certified hypnotherapist and received advanced training in spiritual regression at the Newton Institute of Life Between Lives. 

She will facilitate your inner journey with compassion, wisdom and true caring.



What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Often, when people hear the term Past-Life Regression Therapy, they scratch their heads and say, Huh? 

Thinking of how Hollywood mis-portrays it, or the mystery surrounding it can be a bit unnerving.  People sometimes say - that sounds woo-woo-weird - and determine it’s reserved for those “New Age types.”   

Regression Therapy is a time-tested, effective and gentle technique that allows for retrieval and resolution of deeply held memories.  From this or past lives.  Whatever you're ready to remember.  

Remembering is this life transformational.  

Why?  Because, by not fully understanding or getting the lessons from your past, it becomes a prison of your present.

Feel ready to delve into who you were so you can find out who you really are?  Contact Gayle Barklie and start living your whole life.   

Gayle is a certified hypnotherapist and received advanced training in spiritual regression at the Newton Institute of Life Between Lives.  She will facilitate your inner journey no matter where it takes you...with compassion, wisdom and true caring.