What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Often, when people hear the term Past-Life Regression Therapy, they scratch their heads and say, Huh? 

Thinking of how Hollywood mis-portrays it, or the mystery surrounding it can be a bit unnerving.  People sometimes say - that sounds woo-woo-weird - and determine it’s reserved for those “New Age types.”   

Regression Therapy is a time-tested, effective and gentle technique that allows for retrieval and resolution of deeply held memories.  From this or past lives.  Whatever you're ready to remember.  

Remembering is this life transformational.  

Why?  Because, by not fully understanding or getting the lessons from your past, it becomes a prison of your present.

Feel ready to delve into who you were so you can find out who you really are?  Contact Gayle Barklie and start living your whole life.   

Gayle is a certified hypnotherapist and received advanced training in spiritual regression at the Newton Institute of Life Between Lives.  She will facilitate your inner journey no matter where it takes you...with compassion, wisdom and true caring.