Choosing Lives

When you start to understand the life-death-life dance, you see that, not only are you the master of your fate, you choose it as well! 

As you get in touch with the time you spent between lifetimes, you may recall being in a spiritual realm determining your next existence.  Like an architect creating a blueprint for a building, you do the same thing for your next adventure inhabiting a body.

There are many things you choose during that time.  Your parents, what sex you will be, your physical condition, geographical environment, interests, talents and, most importantly, the lessons you’re supposed to learn.   Not only big Universal Lessons such as forgiveness, love and compassion, but lessons specific to things you've done in prior lives. 

There are two levels of consciousness that makes these choices. 

The part of you that’s strictly concerned with physical existence chooses a body from a needy place, a desire to be back in a physical form, worried only with how you are going to survive best this time around.    

- Your more evolved, Higher Consciousness, on the other hand, chooses a body based on what you need to learn, clean up and complete from previous existences.  It also chooses what you are here to bring to the world:  your Higher Purpose.

Here are other things you choose: 

1)     Because of what you are here to remember, you choose a life that repeats various patterns so you can eventually learn a particular lesson or clean up situations from previous lifetimes.  Unfortunately, your less evolved consciousness fights this since its only concern is physical survival and being “right.”  It actually loves feeling like the innocent victim. 

2)   You choose to learn (or remember) some very basic Universal lessons such as letting go of attachments, trust, feeling empowered, forgiveness, etc.  In other words, getting fully back to your Power by choosing ways that will demonstrate that to you.

3)   You choose a life with the same group of people in it, repeatedly.  Every lifetime this group may take on various roles depending on what lessons are needed.  You have some people with strong soul ties to learn some big lessons with so may choose them as parents or a spouse.  You might also be destined to do something Purposeful together.

4)      We are not required to choose only being in a human form.  However, since we have so many things to clean up and learn, we usually choose being a person as the most efficient way to do so.    

If you are interested in exploring some of the choices you've made in between lifetimes, contact Gayle as your best guide!