How This Works

The in-depth transformational work available from Soul Purpose is achieved with Gayle's experienced, intuitive and compassionate guidance.

Gayle fully supports you throughout your journey by helping identify specific issues, assisting in resolving and releasing their negative effect and helping determine appropriate, personalized action plans to reinforce key discoveries.

Face-to-face therapy, tailored to your needs, is highly effective. 

Therapy sessions are scheduled weekly or can be customized for your personal situation.  The amount of time to allow is approximately three months on the average (depending on your goals, the situation, as well as what arises during therapy) or more time for long term support. 

Sessions can be scheduled via the internet (such as Skype or Facetime) or by phone.  If you are planning to visit Maui, arrange a session or two with Gayle and then continue via phone support.  

Therapy can take place in a travel environment as well as in an experiential situation or location.  Allow Gayle creative license for powerful results! 

Direct email support with Gayle is available throughout your Soul Purpose program.  

The discovery of your unique life path is the goal of Soul Purpose, however this powerful work can go in other directions as well.  There is nothing too lofty or too mundane to address in working individually with Gayle.  

Gayle is skilled in non-judgmental treatment of any "altered reality" experiences, allowing them to be processed and understood in a Higher Consciousness reality.

Gayle Barklie is honored to be part of your inner discovery journey.  

  • All counseling, coaching and hypnotherapy sessions are approximately 75 minutes.

  • Past Life Regression sessions are approximately two and a half hours.

  • Life Between Life sessions are approximately four to five hours in length.

Testimonial about Gayle:

"I created Perfect Life Awakening, a spiritually based, inner development, transformational center in Southern California in 1978. Gayle Barklie participated in the PLA program from 1990 through 1992, and once again in 2011 for more advanced training.

By discovering more about herself and clearing out old issues brought from previous lives, she became highly adept at assisting others, which ultimately helped define her life purpose as a therapist. Her dedicated work on herself allows a deep understanding of spiritual concepts, enabling her to commit to help her clients with clarity, patience and true compassion." - Royce Morales